100% stop motion video game in progress at WIREDFLY studio and KONG ORANGE

Vokabulantis is an episodic game where puppet film and computer game merge, so you experience and discover the poetic reality of language. 

The game makes language tangible. The tactility of puppet films in an interactive universe is for us the complete realization of the idea of making language something, you can physically interact with and not just letters on papers or screens.

In Vokabulantis you play the two friends Kurt and Karla. They can’t tell each other, that they like … or love … or … you know, the words will not come out. That’s because The World of the Language is out of balance and has stopped working, since they’ve fallen in love.

Both Kurt and Karla is catapulted down into The World of the Language where the game takes place. Here you shall try to balance things again puzzle by puzzle.

The game is a one player game, in which you control Kurt and Karla. Each of them have their special forces. You can switch between Kurt and Karla, whenever you like, but you need both of them to solve the puzzles of the game. As a genre, the game is a mix between a poin’t’click adventure (eg Machinarium) and a puzzle platformer (eg Little Big Planet) and a game like The Cave, that also focuses on cooperation between the game characters to solve puzzles.

We make the game primarily for PC, but also take into account that it can be published for consoles and handheld down the line.

The game is inspired by the author Morten S√łndergaard’s fantastic and really physical Word Pharmacy, and he is also one of the core developers behind the game along with Johan Oettinger and his puppet animation studio Wired Fly. Kong Orange is the production company behind the whole thing.

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