Puppet Making

We offer full service puppet making. From Concept to Final puppet. Contact us if you need help or full service for your project.

With over 10 years of experience, WiredFly’s talented team have built all kinds of wonderful Stop Motion Characters

From concept-design, maquettes, mould making and armatures to costume, hair, and paint, we will help you all through the puppet production.

We offer

  • Character Design
  • Sculpting; maquettes, facial expressions etc.
  • Armature design and soldering
  • Costume fabrication
  • Casting and mould making for silicone, resin, and plaster.
  • Hair/wig fabrication
  • Paint work. Also Silicone painting
  • And more

We are interrested in all levels of production. We will work acoding to your exact guidelines and designs or inspire you with our interpretations of your characters. Always to make sure you arrive at the most creatively satisfying outcome, within your schedule and budget parameters.

Puppet Portfolio


Main characters Kurt and Karla. Replacement faces, silicone hands, and foot-wear. Tailored costumes, handmade hair and ball and socket armature.

Seven Minutes in the Warshaw Ghetto

The Grandmother, the Boy and, the Mother from “Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto”. They have replacement Resin heads and hands. Tailored costumes, silicone necks and footwear. And ball and socket armatures.

Liz & Evie

the Liz and Evie puppets for the project ‘Liz & Evie’ by Mareika Greiss.
We did sculpting, molding & casting head mechanism and expression masks. Building of 4 wigs with animateable features and paint job on expression masks as well as development of eye features and general puppet building supervision.


The Eagle from “Ragnarok” SuperSculpey beak and nails. Resin eyes. Silicone legs, tentacles and tongue. Woolen dreadlocks. Ball and socket armature.

Other puppets

3D printed head mechanism and expression masks, 
costume fabrication, paint job, wire armature with changeable limbs.