Georgian Toast is a 5 min. puppet animation film about the fall and rise. It is a poetical, visually aesthetic tale that will interest and be interpreted by viewers of all nations and age. The main character is proud but weak eagle, that flies away to his last journey, experiencing fatal battle between good and evil. A hero dies, but remains proud and undefeated. The film is rich in metaphors, allusions to Greek mythology and general philosophical reflections on life and death. "Georgian Toast" idealizes beauty of nature, brute force and the power of will. Also it is an exciting, involving and thrilling adventure with a dramatic ending.

Meet us at the Festival

"Ragnarok" is on the journey to film festivals!

And we will visit some festivals ourselves.

Meet us at Odense FIlm Festival September 28 - September 03

Ragnarok will be screened as a part of ANI1 program:

MONDAY 28-08-2017 13:00 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 2
TUESDAY 29-08-2017 17:15 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 1
FRIDAY 01-09-2017 17:15 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 1

As a part of DK5 program:

MONDAY           28-08-2017 14:00 MOMENTUM SAL
WEDNESDAY 30-08-2017 09:00 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 2 
FRIDAY 01-09-2017 15:15 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 1
SATURDAY 02-09-2017 16:30 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 1

As a part of OFF6 program:

MONDAY      28-08-2017 09:00 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 2
TUESDAY 29-08-2017 16:00 MOMENTUM SAL
THURSDAY 31-08-2017 11:00 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 2
SATURDAY 02-09-2017 18:30 CAFE BIOGRAFEN 1


Meet us ar Encounters Film Festival in Bristol, Uk, September 19 - 24.

Ragnarok will be screened as a part of SCI-FI: OTHER WORLDS program

WEDNESDAY, September 20, 20:00 WATERSHED, CINEMA 1

Ragnarok in Vilnius Film Shorts

Ragnarok was a part of International Vilnius Short Film Festival 2017. After a screening there was Q&A with director Urte and producer Agne.